Oh wow! I made it to round two of the year in review. 2018 went by in an absolute flash so let’s break this down:

  • Went to FITC in toronto
  • Released a new theme (Artisan) with the wonderful company I work with!
  • Launched a terrific project called 1Screen

alt text

Now i’m having a hard time coming out with more major events but that doesn’t mean it was a dud! I’m certain I am just forgetting things. All things considered I think 2018 was a success.

Since this one was a bit of a smaller point I’ll add some 2019 goals:

  • Continue learning react (I’ve procrastinated on this one).
  • Become a more patient person.
  • Pick up a physical hobby (sports etc.) of some sort.
  • Be better overall.

And there it is! Next year we’ll see how many of these I can cross off.