July 12th 2018 a theme I’ve been working on for a long time now finally launched. World meet Artisan I couldn’t be more proud of the work my coworkers and I have done in order to get this theme launched.

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Throughout the development we encountered a ton of challenges and scenarios, from this I wanted to start a series of blog posts explaining my takeaways from these launched projects. So without anymore blabbing I’ll get straight to it.

Slow down, breathe and consider the changes you are making

I’m a notoriously quick coder, while this can be a good thing in a lot of scenarios it can also be a negative(as the heading implies). It’s important to understand the changes you are making.

Are you making this change all over the place? Considering making this a helper class instead.

Instead of making small tweaks all over consider betters ways to future proof the code. In the long run you and anyone dipping into the code will thank you for it.

Mocks and more mocks

Always ask for mocks. Not only will help you avoid back and forth with designers but it will also give you the opportunity to ask about how things change in different states (hover, focus etc).

Accessibility is not an afterthought

As the heading suggests build your features with accessibility in mind initially. Adding this in later is a much more difficult task.

Tons ‘o’ testing

Make sure to test features out as often as possible and in all the crazy ways possible. As a project grows small tweaks here and there can end up breaking things you thought were bullet-proof.

I’m sure I am probably forgetting a few other things I’ve taken away from this project but I hope you can read this and take away some useful information to help improve yourself and your workflow.

Thanks for reading.