Along with using this blog to talk about subjects I also want to utilize it as a time machine. So I will be trying to review my year each January (Maybe even monthly reviews).

With that being said here is how my year’s accomplishments breakdown:

  • Joined Out of the Sandbox fulltime
  • Gained promotion to Intermediate developer
  • Moved into a new place
  • Learned Jekyll
  • Started learning react and ember
  • Interviewed by a writer at PCGamer
  • LootJunkie now averages 60 users per day
  • Traveled for work a couple times (Always wanted to fly for work)
  • Worked on doing more pushups (Up to around 60 before I get tired)
  • Been more vocal and confident
  • Interviewed for a developer position in San Francisco

It was a absolutely crazy year and I’m sure I must be forgetting a few things but no need to go on and on. Let’s hope 2018 goes as well as 2017 did.

alt text

I appreciate you reading this long list of random achievements and hope you have a great year and take some time to reflect on everything you’ve accomplished.